Welcome to the Power Press Awards!

The Power Press Awards seek to honor excellence in healthcare journalism.

The awards are free to enter, and you may choose to enter yourself or nominate a peer in any of the following categories. The entry form is located below the category listings.

Winners will be announced at the Power Press Awards Gala on Sunday, March 8, at 6:15pm ET, at The Oceanaire Seafood Room in Orlando, Florida.

Power Press Award Categories

Category Description Presenting Sponsor
Excellence in Reporting on Healthcare Innovation
This award will acknowledge excellent reporting on the ideas that are changing the healthcare landscape, while making quality patient care more efficient and accessible than ever before.
Excellence in Reporting on Population Health
This award recognizes excellent reporting on innovations that are advancing population health, with an eye towards cutting edge technology.
Excellence in Reporting on Patient Advocacy
This award recognizes excellent reporting on the people and programs that are advocating for raising the bar for patient care.
Premera Blue Cross
Excellence in Reporting on Healthcare Disruptors
This award recognizes excellence in reporting on healthcare disruptors – individuals, ideas and innovations that are indelibly altering the future of health and medicine.
Excellence in Reporting on Social Determinants of Care
This award recognizes excellent reporting on the social determinants that impact how care is delivered — and the people, programs, processes and technology that are driving access to care.
J2 Interactive
Excellence in Fostering a Healthcare Community
This award recognizes an individual or team who is utilizing social media to facilitate dialogue and community in the healthcare.
FINN Partners
Power Press Healthcare Visionary Award
This award recognizes an individual whose work is advancing collaboration around cutting edge healthcare technology and better patient care.
Power Press Lifetime Achievement Award
This award seeks to honor an individual whose love, passion and dedication, and entire career has focused on advancing healthcare solutions, collaboration and better patient care through journalism.

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