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What Does Patient-Centered Care Truly Mean?

Aug 27, 2021   |   Patient Engagement HIT

Patient-centered care may be the healthcare buzzword of the past decade, with industry leaders spouting off the phrase as a panacea for all of medicine’s biggest challenges.

It’s a natural progression: putting patients seemingly at the center of their own healthcare should yield a better patient experience, more targeted and personalized therapies, and a more streamlined process for patient access and billing.

But like all buzzwords, the phrase “patient-centered care” may have been obscured by its overuse. What does patient-centered care truly mean for medicine, and where does healthcare face both challenges and opportunities in using patient-centered care to support its overall value-based care goals?


Defining patient-centered care may seem like an obvious effort: it is healthcare delivery that foremost considers the patient. Read More


Sarah Heath

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