The Pandemic Isn’t the Only Reason for Deferred Care: Many Transgender Adults…

Feb 25, 2022   |   HFMA Blog
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The latest pandemic surge has created material bed shortages in many areas and furthered an already severe labor shortage. As a result, many facilities are again delaying elective procedures and augmenting other healthcare protocols. 

The Winter 2020 hfm cover story “Where did our sickest patients go?” explored the ramifications of deferred care due to the pandemic. As an industry, we’ve done much to remedy the problem. We’ve deployed telehealth, implemented processes to screen people before they enter the building, augmented care settings to minimize the number of people in waiting areas and so much more. 

But what about patients who defer care for reasons other than the pandemic? Will we work as hard to remove those barriers to care? 

recent episode of HFMA’s “Voices in Healthcare Finance” podcast focused on equitable care issues faced by transgender…

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Tammie Jackson

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