Smartphone screening doubled Afib detection

Aug 29, 2022   |   Healthcare IT News
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The two-stage study compared app-based smartphone with conventional screening and found digital exams superior at detecting atrial fibrillation.

The eHealth-based Bavarian Alternative Detection of Atrial Fibrillation (eBRAVE-AF) trial asked older adult members of one German health insurer to use a smartphone app that measured pulse irregularities using the phone’s camera button and then wear a 14-day electrocardiogram patch in order to engage at-risk patients to seek a doctor’s treatment. 


Afib is the most common heart rhythm disorder and is often hard to diagnose due to a lack of symptoms. 

While previous studies tested the potential of smart devices for large-scale Afib screening, they made no comparison with conventional screening – symptom evaluation, ECGs and other methods – according to the European Society of Cardiology announcement.

The eBRAVE-AF researchers invited adults…

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