National Wear Red Day & Reframing Women’s Health

Feb 2, 2022   |   AdaRose
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What is National Wear Red Day?

Are you familiar with the “red dress campaign”? This Friday, February 4th, is National Wear Red Day. It’s an initiative by the American Heart Association designed to raise awareness of heart health and catalyze positive change in the health of women around the world. Events include in person and virtual gatherings, plus fundraising to support research and policy changes that benefit women.

This is important because women and men often experience the signs and symptoms of heart attacks and strokes differently. For example, while men typically experience a squeezing sensation in their chests during a heart attack, women are more likely to feel tired or suffer from indigestion, with or without the “telltale” chest pain.

The problem is, because people aren’t looking out for the symptoms commonly experienced by women, patients and their doctors are more likely to misdiagnose a heart attack in women and fail to get life saving care in time.

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Lygeia Ricciardi

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