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Many Trans Americans are Struggling to Get Adequate Healthcare. Patients Say They’re Being Pigeonholed by Insurers and Paying Higher Drug Costs

Jun 30, 2021   |   Insider

Mya Byrne has run into yet another roadblock with her health insurance company.

Byrne, who is transgender, had been preparing for a transition-related procedure this summer when her doctor’s office told her it was on hold due to a problem with her insurer.

This isn’t the first time Byrne has run into issues. She wanted to get chest reconstruction in 2017. She had been required to submit photos of her chest, send letters and referrals from mental-health professionals and the rest of her care team stating that this surgery was necessary, and share her comprehensive medical history.

Even with all of the this, the insurer initially rejected her request.

“It’s a very disgusting feeling when somebody sends you back a note that says, you know, we think you’re just fine,” Byrne told Insider. “It’s gaslighting. It’s painful that a faceless person in an office is saying that we don’t think that you’re right.” Read More


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