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Labs move into a new phase of the COVID-19 pandemic

Jul 6, 2021   |   Medical Laboratory Observer

As the number of people who are vaccinated for COVID-19 increases, the volume of testing for the virus decreases. That means clinical labs are readjusting their testing portfolios to meet the diagnostic needs of their communities during this phase of the pandemic.

And they continue to grapple with supply shortages, particularly for items involving plastic, such as test tubes. Test kits for some non-COVID-19 pathogens also are difficult to get.

“For the vast majority of labs testing for COVID — unless it is an inpatient hospital — their specimen volume has dwindled to 10% of whatever their peak was. Nobody is getting tested,” said Greg Ingle, CEO of Clinical Lab Consulting, which provides consulting services to clinical labs, does contract research work for diagnostic companies, and owns …Read More (PDF Download)


Linda Wilson

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