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Interoperability, social determinants challenges linger

Aug 8, 2021   |   Modern Healthcare

Healthcare executives are planning for a future that revolves around delivering care to patients where they are in their daily lives, rather than expecting patients to visit a clinic or a physician’s office. But while the technology might be there, a host of challenges still stand in the way of this vision becoming mainstream.

“Everyone’s trying to move toward what I call ‘healthcare at the doorstep,’ ” whether that means telehealth and virtual care, or a move toward hospital-at-home and house calls from clinicians, said David Chou, chief information officer at Harris Health System in Houston. That’s “where the future lies,” he said.

Kevan Mabbutt, a senior vice president and chief consumer officer at Salt Lake City-based Intermountain Healthcare, agrees.

“Clearly a lot of what people will expect … is care in the home and care on the go,” Mabbutt said. “Some of this already is beginning to come to healthcare.” Read more…


Jessica Kim Cohen

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