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In Western Europe, hospitals look to quell the mental health epidemic among staff

Jun 13, 2021   |   MedCity News

The Covid-19 pandemic has taken an incalculable toll on mental and behavioral health the world over. But none have been more severely affected than the healthcare workers, who for more than a year now have carried the dual burden of living through a pandemic and serving on the frontlines of the response.

Last year, as Covid-19 cases soared in Western Europe, hospitals worked to stem both the public health crisis and the burgeoning mental health epidemic amongst its workers. They leveraged several strategies, including free counseling, providing outdoor spaces for caregivers to take breaks and offering meditation videos that guided clinicians through stress-relieving exercises.

Now, these Western European countries are focused on vaccine rollouts and defining the new normal. But this is not the time to step on the brakes with regard to mental health support. Rather, physicians agree that hospitals should move full steam ahead in offering more comprehensive programs. Read more…


Anuja Vaidya

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