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How RPM facilitates Wake Forest’s individualized approach to weight management

Sep 14, 2021   |   Carium Blog

When Mike Shaw was in high school, he was a three-sport athlete. Between cross-country, baseball, and basketball, he was in great shape. But that changed on a fateful day during his freshman year. While pitching a baseball game, Shaw tore his rotator cuff. The injury was so serious that it still causes him shoulder issues today. At the time, he had two options: undergo surgery, or “just kind of give up,” he explains.

“Being fearful of needles and everything else, I decided I wasn’t going to have surgery. So I just kind of gave up.”

By the time he graduated high school, Shaw was already worried about his weight, which had drastically increased following his injury. Unable to play sports, he’d lost an important outlet for physical activity and a vital part of his identity. Read more…


Tom Castles

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