Healthcare is Critical Infrastructure?

Oct 1, 2022   |   Outcomes Rocket
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Greg Garcia, Executive Director at Healthcare Sector Coordinating Council

In recognition of the 19 annual National Cyber Security Awareness Month, The Outcomes Rocket Network has launched a 10-part podcast series to elevate Cyber Security Awareness in Healthcare on our main channel, the Outcomes Rocket Podcast. Partnering with leaders in healthcare cybersecurity in their capacity as members of the Health Sector Coordinating Council, the podcast aims to illuminate advances made in protecting critical healthcare infrastructure and patient safety, and areas that need further focus to put a stop to Cyber Crime.

Let’s get real about it: people can die as a result of a cyber-attack. It’s not just a work of fiction in movies; it can happen in real life, so let’s work on it!

In this episode, Greg Garcia, Executive Director for Cybersecurity of the Health Sector Coordinating Council, talks about why cybersecurity is vital to protect the critical infrastructure that is healthcare. Kicking off a 10-part series on the matter due to October being Cyber Security Awareness Month, Greg points out why in today’s digital world, healthcare faces risks that have to be averted in order to protect patient safety. Whether you’re a patient, a clinician, or a professional in the cyber side of healthcare, cybersecurity affects you and you need to know how to keep yourself safe. Greg explains what this is and how the Health Sector Coordinating Council identifies and mitigates systemic threats and develops resources that can improve cybersecurity and patients’ safety.

Tune in to this episode to learn why organizations must work together in terms of cybersecurity to raise the bar for the whole healthcare industry!

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