Future-ready supply chains linked to data, sourcing, real-time visibility strategies

Sep 28, 2021   |   Healthcare Purchasing News

As hospitals and healthcare organizations continue to grapple with the ongoing pandemic, their supply chain future vision focuses more on palpable and realistic options than on some of the manufacturing and retail technology that has turned heads and gained popularity over the years.

Augmented and virtual reality for education, training and stock location purposes may draw attention; drones and self-driving vehicles may elicit oohs and aahs; warehouse robotics and 3-D printing may raise eyebrows even as 3-D printing was used to create personal protective equipment (PPE) components to satisfy COVID-19-driven demand spikes.

Against the backdrop of the global pandemic crimping and crippling supply chain fluidity, healthcare supply chain leaders and professionals have been forced to concentrate on short-term problem solving for product access as well as long-term horizon scanning. …Read More


Rick Dana Barlow

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