Future of Food: The Bryan Adams – Singer, Producer, Vegan & Animal Rights Activist

Aug 29, 2022   |   HLTH Forward Podcast
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Episode Description
Widely regarded as one of the world’s most iconic rock musicians, Bryan Adams, a platinum and Grammy Award winner, has won countless prizes and awards and sold over 80 million albums worldwide. He’s well recognized for his songs Summer of ’69, Everything I do, and many more. Bryan Adams has been vegan for about 30 years and believes in plant-based eating, farm-to-table concept, and the vital role of community and music as medicine.His recent music album release, “So happy it hurts,” is his way of bringing back a sense of community, uplifting us with his music, and breaking the sense of isolation in the post-pandemic world. In this episode, we speak about plant-based eating, the role of community, and Music RX: Music as medicine. Bryan shares that the importance of eating healthy starts with our table- where we need to start locally and then scale globally, the importance of changing school meals into nutritious ones and our need to treat all living beings equally and move into a more plant-based lifestyle. Beyond all, we discuss the power of music, its healing nature, and the sense of togetherness and deeper meaning we find. Change starts within and with us, while compassion serves as the tool, to make this world a better place.

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