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Digital health, digital therapeutics, digital medicines – what’s in a name?

Jan 21, 2020   |   MedCity News

As the digital health industry gains ground, companies have bandied about all sorts of terminology. Some sell digital medicines. Others sell digital therapeutics. One company that went public last year describes itself as an “applied health signals” company.

The fancy names, of course, are a way to differentiate the industry from the plethora of dubious health apps that populated the App Store once the iPhone became ubiquitous. And it’s not too different in 2020. Today, roughly 318,000 health-related apps are available on the market, according to a report by the IQVIA Institute.

To differentiate themselves from the health and wellness pack, digital therapeutics have attempted to back claims that they can prevent or treat certain conditions with clinical evidence. There’s still a lot of wiggle room in that definition. It could include a company whose software product is cleared by the FDA, has validated data based on randomized clinical trials and can make claims based on an FDA label. But can a company that checks off just one of these three boxes call itself a digital therapeutic? Read more…


Elise Reuter

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