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Burnout: The Crisis Plaguing Healthcare Workers

May 3, 2021   |   NPR

Today, mental health correspondent Rhitu Chatterjee guest hosts Short Wave. She talks to Dr. Arghavan Salles about burnout among health care workers, which has been exacerbated by the pandemic. Last year, Dr. Salles used her vacation time from work to fly from her home in California to New York City to work in the intensive care unit, treating coronavirus patients. They discuss what burnout looks like, what it’s doing to the mental health of doctors and nurses and how institutions can address it.

Read the recent Washington Post-Kaiser Family Foundation survey.

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This episode was produced by Rebecca Ramirez, edited by Gisele Grayson and fact-checked by Rasha Aridi. Josh Newell was the audio engineer. Read More


Rhitu Chatterjee

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