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Amplifying the Patient Voice

Nov 2, 2020   |

Patient engagement in drug development has evolved more rapidly than ever in recent years — patients are increasingly expecting to be able to input into the development of the medicines they will use and to be able to say what is important to them. In addition, increasing adoption of technology, social media and the proliferation of information online has ensured patients can be better engaged through channels they are more comfortable with.

This engagement has in many ways been historically viewed as a one-way street, with pharma making information available, outreaching, and pushing it out to patients through apps, social media, email, and patient portals. However, the conversation is changing. Patients don’t want to be passive when it comes to their care and their treatment options – they want to feel that their voice is being heard or they won’t feel engaged and satisfied with their healthcare.

For pharma companies and drug developers, this willingness to engage has created incredible opportunities to gather insights and data that can inform everything from drug development pipelines to clinical study design and even marketing. Read More


Jo Fearnhead-Wymbs

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