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4 Strategies for Health IT Leaders to Streamline Their Work & Serve Patients

Jul 2, 2021   |   HIT Consultant

As a physician turned entrepreneur, I’ve learned many lessons in my journey from the patient bedside to the health IT boardroom. As a young physician practicing in my native Denmark, my eyes were opened to the administrative headaches and limited engagement that was a result of too much paperwork and not enough focus on the patient.

Since launching one of the world’s first patient portals in 2001 and subsequently moving to the US and founding my current digital health company in 2015, I’ve been on a mission to understand what health IT leaders can do to help improve the healthcare experience for both patients and providers. In our ever-changing environment, especially after a year like 2020, it’s extremely important to be agile and keep your mind open to new ways of learning and engaging. Here are four strategies that I have found can help IT leaders and physicians alike to enhance their offerings and, most importantly, serve patients well. Read More


Dr. Monica Bolbjerg

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